Paper For A Cause

Paper For A Cause

Here at Amaretti we believe in equality for all. There is no place for racism or injustice and we will support all those organisations that fight for human rights by donating part of our sales to their causes.

Black Lives Matter

We have been thinking for quite a while now how we can support the Black Lives Matter movement and the organisations that are currently fighting racial injustice against BAME communities. So we have decided to start a new project, Paper For A Cause: on this page you can purchase a special edition of paper products that we have selected or created specifically for the Black Lives Matter cause.

50% of each sale coming for the PFAC project will be donated to the below organisations:

Minnesota Freedom Fund:
Grassroots Law Project:

We believe that if we all do something, even if it’s a little something, we can change things. So if you feel like sharing this with your family and friends, please do so. ⁠


BLM Splatter Notebook


2021 Splatter Daily Diary, Forest

From £18.00

Mosaik Education

We are proud to be supporting the work of Mosaik Education this holiday season. Mosaik helps refugee students to reach university through guidance programmes and language programmes.

Currently only 3% of refugees are able to attend university, compared to a global average enrolment rate of 37%. With each sale of our Forest Splatter Diaries between 15th November-15th December we will make a donation to Mosaik, taking a student one step closer to their dreams.