Inspired by the colourful packages of the famous Italian biscuits, Amaretti Design is an independent stationery brand created in 2013 by Valeria Armeni, Italian illustrator and designer based in London.

The idea behind Amaretti Design is to create functional and unique paper goods that can add a new value to the art of correspondence. From notebooks and diaries, to cards and decorative papers, each product is designed and manufactured with great attention to detail and an emphasis on simplicity and tactility, using traditional printing processes and techniques.

Amaretti also offers a range of handmade cards, individually produced in London. This makes each product simply unique,but also a miniature piece of art to be collected or framed. For this reason, Valeria loves to work with retailers, designing tailored products to better match their shops concept and style.

All products are made in the UK and Italy using the finest quality paper and materials.